Full Credits

The Large Hadron Collider, Geneva. The world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator.


Revolutions: Ideas that changed the world. (Bigger Bang Productions for BBC / PBS / Netflix) 2018. Producer / Director

Patrick Stewart narrates a new Landmark series. Science-led journey through human history to explore the incredible story behind six remarkable inventions. My films told the story of flight and the car. (SP. Tim Green).

Secrets of Tutankhamen’s Treasures. (Blink TV for Channel 5 and National Geographic / Disney) 2017. Producer / Series Director

Never before seen access to the Grand Egyptian Museums archive collection showing items found by Howard Carter in the world-famous pharos tomb. Filmed with crew and self-shot on FS7. (Exec. Justine Kershaw/SP Michael Douglas).

How to Build a Human. (Little Gem for Channel 4 / A&E) 2016 SHORTLISTED FOR GRIERSON AWARD. Producer / Director

Ground breaking film with actress Gemma Chan, star of Humans, takes part in a unique experiment to create an Artificially Intelligent robot that thinks, talks and looks just like her… But will it be real enough to convince a real human that it is actually Gemma? Or will it show us that the realms of science fact and science fiction are still further apart than we think? Filmed with crew and self-shot on FS7 (Exec. Ben Gale).

What on Earth. (Wag TV for Science Channel) 2016.  Producer / Director

20 x 60. Science Channel's most watched series reveals Earth as it's never been seen before. Illuminating views captured by more than 4,000 orbiting satellites, `What on Earth?' investigates mysteries from strange geological occurrences to weird man-made structures. (SP Paul Olding).

Meet the Super Brains. (Lime Production for Discovery) 2015. Producer / Director

Lead Director on new format science series. The Real Big Bang Theory filmed as an Ob Doc. Followed scientists and engineers from around the world. Stories covered included NASA, CERN to AI. Filmed with crew and self-shot on FS7 (Exec. Jonah Weston).

The Genius of George Boole. (Oxford Film and TV for Discovery, Amazon and RTE) 2015. Producer / Director

Drama / Doc revealing the complicated story and science behind the unsung father of the Information Age. High end CGI and interviews with key members of his digital legacy. Won commission. (Exec. Nick Kent).

The Ladykillers. (Keo Films for BBC2) 2014. Producer / Director

Ob doc following three female pest controllers and their work. Taking an in depth look at the life of the pests using specialist cameras. The series aims to understand how pests behave, and the science behind why infestations happen. Self-shot on C300. (SP Paul Durgan).

Unexplained Files. (Raw TV for Discovery Channel) 2014. Producer / Director

Factual series recounting remarkable stories of strange phenomena from across the world. My film followed a group of Georgian archaeologist on an expedition into the Georgian wilderness as they look for the remains of a giant. Self-Shot on PMW 800,

Ancient Impossible. (Wild Dream Film for History Channel) 2014. Producer / Director

Series comparing modern day technology with ancient impossible. Script writing, heading various teams and organising complex shoots. (SP David Coward).

A&E in The War Zone. (Oxford Film and TV for Channel 4) 2014. Producer / Director

Filmed some sequences for a documentary on the medical teams risking their lives to save others in Syria. Unique access to Royal College of Surgeons trauma course. Filming surgical procedures on cadavers. Shot on C300. (EP Nick Kent).

Bang Goes the Theory. (BBC1) 2013 - 2014. Producer / Director

Popular Science Show tackling the science behind the headlines. My film on ageing investigated the latest research into Alzheimer’s disease and how we age at a cellular level. (SP Ed Booth)

Science of Stupid. (IWC for National Geographic) 2013. Producer / Director

Richard Hammond led science show with user-generated footage and with green screen slow mo and GFX. (Exec. Hamish Barbour).

World’s Biggest Ship. (Windfall for Discovery) 2013. Producer / Director

Ob doc about shipping giant Marks’s latest venture in South Korea. Human interest and heavy engineering with GFX. Self shot on Cannon 305. (SP. Pete Oxley).

North Pole Ice Airport. (3x 60’ Darlow Smithson for Ch5) 2012Producer / Director

Filmed for four weeks at the North Pole. Ob doc about a Russian ice station that is set up every year on just two metres of ice. Filming (in -30 degrees) with a PMW 500 a variety of explorers, Russian helicopter pilots and champagne tourist. (Exec. Julian Ware).

How to build a....Super car. (BBC2) 2011. Producer/Director

60’ Ob doc with CGI detailing how to make the world’s most scientifically advanced super car. Exclusive access to the notoriously secretive McLaren as they venture into the automotive market for the first time. Filmed over six months, we look at never before seen technology and the people behind Britain’s biggest car manufacturer. Majority of film self-shot on Cannon 305. (SP Steve Crabtree).

Stargazing Live (BBC2). 2010. Producer / Director 

Hugely successful Live prime-time astronomy event. Presented by Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain, running across 3 consecutive nights. (SP Alan Holland).

Bang goes the theory. (Series 3 BBC1) 2010Producer / Director
Popular science magazine series. Devised stories, scripted and filmed through to edit the presenter led films ranging the evolution of the eye to Einstein’s theory of relativity to Iceland’s volcano. Also involved self-shooting on HD900. (SE – Dermot Caulfield/SP – Ed Booth).

Brain Test Britain. (BBC1) 2009Producer / Director
One-hour special on brain training. Devised stories, scripted and filmed through to edit. Presenter led films ranging from taxis that can be controlled by the power of thought alone to a film about a young man who had half of his brain removed when he was three and how he’s retained nearly all of his abilities. Self-shot on HD 900 & EX1 (SP Zoe Heron).

Bang goes the theory. (Series 1- BBC1) 2009Producer / Director
Relaunch of popular science to BBC1. Films ranging from the rocket men in Mojave Desert to submarine rescue to the science behind lying. Also involved self-shooting on DSR 450. (SE – Dermot Caulfield/SP – Ed Booth).

How do they do it? (Wag TV for Discovery Channel) 2006Producer / Director
20 x 30’ films on flagship Discovery series. Extraordinary stories behind scientific technology. Coordinating research, shooting, and scripting. (SP – Richard Stansfield)

Baby Genius (Wag TV for CH 5) 2006Producer / Director
Pilot on gifted children. Self-shooting on Z1, working with a new presenter and format. (E.P – Nick Godwin).


How to Avoid Parking Tickets (Britespark Films for Channel 5). 2020. Producer / Director

Alexis Conran reports on the tricks unscrupulous parking companies are using against Britain’s motorists. (Exec. Tom Porter)

Panorama: Return to the Falklands – Brothers in Arms (BBC1) 2017. Producer / Director

Received commission after pitching a partly animated film about a group of Falkland war veterans going back to the Islands for the first time in 35 years. (Exec. Aisling O Connor).

This World: Inside the Billionaire's Wardrobe (BBC2) 2015/2016. Producer / Director

Reggie Yates investigates the lengths that Super brands go to to provide luxury items for the super-rich. Filmed sable hunting in Siberia, python hunting in Indonesia and crocs in Australia. Filmed with crew and self-shot on FS7 (Exec. Mike Radford).

South Korea. Human interest and heavy engineering with GFX. Self shot on Cannon 305. (SP. Pete Oxley).

Cherry Healey's Property Show. (BBC 3 2 x 60') 2013. Producer / Director

Current Affairs for BBC 3. Magazine show on how to get your foot on the property ladder. Self-shot presenter led films on C300. (Exec. Darren Kemp).

Fiddles Cheats and Scams. (ITV1) 2010
Producer / Director

Prime time series looking at range of fraud cases that have hit the headlines in recent years. Including the pensioners who conned the art world out of millions. Mixing interviews and never seen before footage with stylish drama reconstruction shot on RED and 5D. (Exec – Alex Gardiner).


Tomb Hunters (Lion Television / At Land Productions for The Smithsonian Channel) 2020

Producer / Series Director

Series exploring the mysteries of Egypt’s lost necropolis. Exclusive access to a honeycomb of burial chambers, shafts, and rock-cut tombs that belonged to the royal courtiers of the Pharaohs. Self-shot on FS9 (Exec Caterina Turroni).

Gregg Wallace’s Fun Weekends (Rumpus Media for Channel 5) 2020

Producer / Director

The Masterchef presenter heads to various city weekends breaks to uncover their history, take part in traditions and indulge in food and drink. Fast turnaround series - I produced and shot two films in just four weeks. Self-shot on FS7 (SP. Simon Arnold).

Great Canal Journeys (Spun Gold for Channel. Producer / Director

Wonderful new series with Sheila Hancock and Gyles Brandreth learning about Britain’s waterways and themselves. Self-shot on FS7 (SP. Catrina Lear).

Autobiography: Junior Johnson - The Moonshiner That Changed NASCAR  (Raw TV for Discovery Channel) 2019. Producer / Director

New Landmark series revealing the story behind racing legends. Helped create series style by making the first film. (Exec Mike Griffith).

Inside Selfridges (Elephant House Prod for Ch 5) 2019. Producer / Director

Revealing the story behind the company's flagship store on London's Oxford Street. Self-shot on FS7. (Exec. Jeff Anderson)

Inside M&S (Elephant House Productions for Channel 5) 2019. Producer / Director

Fast turnaround archive and talking head show about the much-loved high street store. Self-shot on FS7. (Exec. Jeff Anderson).

Icons: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century (72 Films for BBC2) 2018 - 2019. Producer / Director

Major BBC series exploring the work of some of the most influential figures from twentieth century history. In my film, Lily Cole presents the case for the artists; Picasso, Woolf, Hitchcock and Warhol. (Exec. Cate Hall & Francesca Maudslay).

The Battle of Britain: Model Squadron. (Love Productions for Channel 4) 2018. Producer / Director

James Holland leads a hugely ambitious (and mostly hilarious) 3-part series where we recreate key aerial battles from the Battle of Britain using model aircraft! Filmed with crew and self-shot on FS7. (Exec. Sarah Ramsden/SP Carl Hindmarch).

Britain’s Greatest Canals (Elephant House Productions for Channel 5) 2018. Producer / Director

Presenter Dan Jones leads us through the history and engineering challenges behind the Kennet and Avon Canal. Self-shot on FS7. (SP. Graham Cooper).

The Railways that Built Britain – (Channel 5) 2016. Edit Producer

Wonderful series with Chris Tarrant exploring how railways transformed the nation. (SP. Ed Booth)

Speed Dreams: The Fastest Place on Earth. (2 x 60’ BBC 2) 2012. Producer / Director
My first commission, which I successfully pitched to the BBC. An ob doc about a group of self-taught engineers building land speed vehicles in their sheds to race at the Salt Flats, Utah. Self-shot on the Cannon 305, C300 and a lot of toys! (Exec. Gary Hunter).


The Wonderful World of Cakes (Knickerbockerglory for Channel 5) 2019/20. Producer / Director

Quirky show meeting the world’s most outrageous bakers. (SP. Ben Cook)

Nations Best Am Dram (6 x 44’ Sky Arts) 2011. Producer / Director

Ob doc series following the nation’s most ambitious amateur theatre competition. Self-shot on EX3. One word; hilarious! (S.P. Ed Booth)

Wheeler Dealers. (Attaboy TV for Discovery Channel) 2009. Series Director / Producer 

20 x 30’ Presenter led series with Mike Brewer and Edd China buying and restoring iconic cars and try to sell them on for a profit. Self-shooting on DSR 450.

Chop Shop (Series 2 - Raw TV for Discovery Channel) 2008. Producer / Director & Edit Producer
10 x 60' Ob-doc. Discovery's flag ship series. Ob doc following Bangladesh's answer to Enso Ferrari and a mouthy mechanic who have set up a garage in London's east end to produce super cars for the rich and famous. Directing and shooting on DSR 450 and establishing the format and style for the new series. Filmed car race sequences; use of dolly, crane, and mini- cams throughout. Produced through the edit and E.P on 2 further episodes. (SP - Ed Booth/ Simon Everson).

Chop Shop (Raw TV for Discovery Channel) 2007.
Producer / Director
(3 of) 12 x 60' Ob-doc. Bangladeshi car designer and East End mechanic turn old bangers into super cars - in just three weeks. (SP – Ed Booth).