Secrets of the Art cars. IN DEVELOPMENT

Walter Paints Cars.

This self funded film is about a 77 year old man called Walter Maurer. He can reasonably claim to have collaborated with more world-renowned artists than anyone else in Art History: from Calder, Stella, Warhol, Koons, Lichtenstein to Hockney. And every one of those collaborations has been caught on film and in stills. That’s because, since 1975, Walter has been the man helping artists realise their creative visions for the series of BMW cars that have become known as the ‘Art Cars’. The Koons car is now worth $30million: the Warhol version is priceless…This film follows Walter as he marks his 45th anniversary of artistic collaboration by remaking the Calder car, which will be unveiled at the new Calder Retrospective in Summer 2021.